The Religious Naturalist Association or RNA (pun intended) was formed to bring together people from around the world who see themselves as religious naturalists and to introduce this concept to those who are not familiar with it. This website provides a point of entry and a resource for exploring the religious-naturalist orientation and for sharing ideas with other members.

Information on the group is at the About RNA Page.

Information on membership, which is free, is at the Join RNA page.

Who is a religious naturalist?

Religious naturalists take nature to heart. We hold a naturalist view of how things are in the world, and we also see ourselves as religious, in non-traditional ways, as we absorb the wonder of being alive and the order and beauty of the cosmos. We ask “What is?” and “What matters?” questions, seeking answers from natural (rather than supernatural) sources. Our searches are guided by the wisdom that can be found in such human traditions as science, art, literature, philosophy, and the religions of the world (which are also part of nature).

Religious naturalists include those who see themselves as atheists, agnostics, non-theists, or humanists; some are disinterested in such labels. We also consider ourselves, in our own ways, to be spiritual. As we seek to learn from and care about the natural world, including its humankind, we develop respect for things that clearly matter, such as ecological stability and social justice.

A more detailed description can be seen via this link. And varied perspectives can be seen at the Open Forum page.

What is the Religious Naturalist Association (RNA)?

RNA is a worldwide community of people interested in exploring or expressing support for the religious naturalist orientation. Members are mainly from North America and Europe but represent more than 20 countries (47 U.S. States) and a wide range of backgrounds. Advisors include philosophers, scientists, progressive clergy, and others who have written books, taught, and conducted research on religious naturalist themes. To give a flavor, some book titles include: “Nature is Enough”, “The Sacred Depths of Nature”, and “When God is Gone, Everything is Holy”.

We have two platforms for online discussion (RNA Facebook and RNAnet).

We host online book discussions.

We’ve assembled and are expanding a collection of resources. Access books, websites and videos by subject HERE, books by author HERE, music HERE .

Members’ projects (writings, community action, ecology, art)

Conferences, lectures, and other events

Archives (collected writings and links relating to religious naturalism)

Members participate in whatever ways they choose.

Some are active regularly – in exploring or discussing ideas, in creative expression, or in helping to coordinate activities that can build awareness. Some participate occasionally. And, some members mainly just listen in or observe (and, at times, appreciate being introduced to new perspectives).

However frequently or occasionally it may be accessed, RNA is available as a community that supports efforts to learn and act in ways that reflect values based in the view that since the natural world is the source of all that is and who we are, it can be a focus of religious orientation.

We invite you to explore and enjoy what we’re able to offer through RNA.

If you have questions, send us a note – to RNAsecretary@aol.com.


Photo credits: RNA members Richard Dube, Randy Broussard, and JD Stillwater