The Relevance of RNA

for individuals, for society, for the world

Benefits of RNA Membership for Individuals

A Place in the World

RNA is a community of people who care about one another and the world that sustains us.

Social Connections

Through participation in RNA activities, rewarding  social connections are made.

Participation in Events and Activities

Members of RNA participate in events and activities that matter to them and benefit the world.

Monthly Email Newsletter

Each month RNA sends out a newsletter to members containing articles, videos, music, news, and events of interest.

Social & Global Relevance of RNA

A Healthy Planet

Through their individual and collective efforts RNA members contribute to sustainable practices in many areas of their lives.

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Social Justice

RNA members have a deep sense of caring for all people in the world. Inclusion and equality are important to them.

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As RNA members participate in forming compassionate political policies they support the creation of a more peaceful world.

Individuals, Society, and the World

Many issues facing individuals, society, and the world are addressed by the religious naturalist orientation. Understanding ourselves and our world as deeply interconnected with each other and the environment sheds new light on old problems.

Members of RNA benefit personally from their participation in the association while, at the same time, addressing social and global problems.

A Member’s Perspective

One reason I love RN is its propensity to inform and shape my sense of what is ultimately important in life (beyond me!): myriad nature of which I am a part.  In other words, RN helps shape my sensibilities and appreciation that “humans are not alone” in this universe, and offers me magnificent perspectives that help ground my utter love of more-than-human life and other entities that are fascinating!

- Carol Wayne White

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