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Meditation Basics

Meditation Basics

While Religious Naturalists may or may not meditate, for many, meditation is an important lifelong practice. This article by J.X. Mason is presented here for those interested in knowing more about the topic. Meditation is paying sustained attention to some event,...

Nature’s Blessing of Awe

Nature’s Blessing of Awe

Image by Moaz Tobok on Unsplash No matter how little attention we pay to the outside world and the magical shifts of life turning from season to season, nature has ways of getting our attention as if to prod us back into wonder and awe.  One morning in early fall, I...

The Beauty of Winter Trees

The Beauty of Winter Trees

Natural settings can speak to people, make them feel at home.  One of my sisters has  been attracted to oceans, another to the desert.  For me, it is forest settings that have always beckoned. Every morning, I feel a sense of peace and gratitude as I look out my...

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