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We Stand In Solidarity

We Stand in Solidarity


The Board of Directors of Religious Naturalist Association is heartbroken and outraged at the cruel and unnecessary death of George Floyd and many other persons of color at the hands of police officers stretching back many decades and continuing today. We stand with all communities of color and people around the globe in mourning the death of Mr. Floyd and countless others who have been killed simply because of the color of their skin. As naturalists we understand that we humans are a single species and profoundly alike; our various skin colors provide a cherished wellspring of diversity.

Systemic violence against communities of color MUST stop and we stand in solidarity with those fighting for racial justice, inclusivity, and equality.  We call on all people of good will to speak up now against the poisonous persistence of systemic racism, in all its forms, that is truly the shame of humanity. Like the coronavirus, racism is a virus that spreads with passive acceptance. We will not stand idly by.