Core Concepts

Religious Naturalist share core understandings about nature and our place in it.


Naturalism is a view that all that exists and all that occurs is due to natural processes. It includes respect for science as the best way of understanding (based on evidence) what, objectively, is real; and it respects art and age-old wisdom as giving insights into human nature and how things seem and feel.

A Central Story

The modern story of our origins, via a “Big Bang” and evolution, gives ways of understanding ourselves and our world that can be shared by all people worldwide; and serve as a foundation for considering why things are as they are and why we act the ways we do, and how we can learn to do better.


The recognition that all life exists in interconnected ecosystems has profound implications. Ignorance of this situation has led to the dire global crises we face today. The religious naturalist orientation offers the possiblitiy of a better way forward.

Religious Responses

As we are amazed and moved by the wonders of our lives and our world, and as we want good lives for our children and those who will follow, we try to notice, appreciate, care, and to act in ways that are good – for ourselves, and for our families and communities, and for the world.

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