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The Religious Naturalist Association (RNA) is recognized by the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) as a spiritual/faith group that can provide a “letter of endorsement/support” that satisfies one of the requirements for certification as a board-certified chaplain (as is shown at this link [see Section 1, Part 6]). Additional information on the certification process can be seen at the Board of Chaplain Certification Inc. (BCCI) website.

To request a letter of endorsement/support, send an e-mail to Michael Cavanaugh, Secretary of RNA, at MichaelCav@aol.com that includes:

  • your name,
  • a CV or resume, and
  • a description of how you came to see yourself as a religious naturalist, 
  • plus any questions you may have. 

After a review of this, and perhaps some follow-on questions, RNA will respond by sending a letter of endorsement or an explanation of why we feel that endorsement would not be appropriate. 

To learn more about how RNA understands and describes a religious naturalist orientation, you can explore the RNA website, including the following pages:

…..About religious naturalism

…..Core concepts

…..Frequently asked questions

…..Religious Naturalist Association home page

Since certification of the first RNA-endorsed chaplain in 2016, a number of other chaplains have been endorsed by RNA, and a “RNA Chaplains” group has formed. This group has sponsored in-person gatherings at the annual APC Convention and has quarterly online Zoom group conversations. If you’d like to learn more about this group, or if you’d like to speak with chaplains who chose to be endorsed by RNA, contact . . .

       Question for the Chaplains Group – Click HERE