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Marcelo Gleiser

Marcelo Gleiser is a theoretical physicist and  public intellectual at Dartmouth College working on basic research ranging from cosmology and applications of information theory to complex phenomena to history and philosophy of science and how science and culture...

RNA Newsletter – March 2023
RNA Newsletter – March 2023

Stumbling on The Sacred Wonders of Wilderness When I was 11 years old my family moved out of the city of Victoria, BC to a nearby rural community. It was a move from a duplex in an urban setting to, what was at the time, a rural community and a house on a sizeable...

RNA Newsletter – February 2023
RNA Newsletter – February 2023

Today, February 15, UPS delivered a hardcover copy of my new book, The Sacred Depths of Nature: How Life Emerged and Evolved. It was the first time I’d held the real thing in my hands. What did I experience as I stood there on the porch? A very deep YES. I all but...