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Mark I

    Michael, I explain much of that upthread in this post (and I hope this link goes to the right place):

    Making Bread

    The short answers are:

    • yes it is much like a sourdough except more watery and it is fed with fruit not flour
    • it doesn’t start with commercial yeast but the wild yeast that’s always on fresh fruit!
    • and yes the yeast water is mixed with flour to then make bread in the usual way
    • the woman from Bali in the video linked in that earlier post explains it much better

    As I said in that post, I’ve stopped making yeast water for a year now but could return to it someday. But I am still making bread, and in fact I just made a fresh-ground rye dough enough for four loaves that is in a covered bowl in the fridge. Tomorrow I plan to bake two loaves from it.