RNA Discussion Board

RNA Discussion Board

Forum Guidelines

The RNA Discussion Board is a welcoming place for members to share thoughts and experiences. Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you engage with others.

Online forums are an exciting way to explore and develop your thoughts. Sharing insights, questions, and replies can enrich others. The forum helps connect people and facilitate exchanges on topics of interest.

Please note: forums are publicly viewable and visible to Internet search engines. Only share what you feel comfortable sharing in a public place, for example a park. Feel free to seek clarification from moderators, who reserve the right to uphold community guidelines.

Guidelines for Participating in the Forum

  • Listen generously; be respectful of all participants and their comments. Do not write something you would not say in person.

  • Respond positively to others. For example, thank others for their comments even when you disagree.

  • Keep on topic; start a new topic as needed. You can use the Search box to look for similar posts.

  • Don’t expect instant responses, and don’t expect everyone to agree with you.

  • Be aware of dominating a forum; give others time to read and respond.

  • Keep the reader in mind – please write clearly and briefly.

  • When sharing a link, please add a comment to explain why it’s relevant to the group.

  • Posts that encourage conversation are highly valued and encouraged.