Members’ projects

Members’ Projects

RNA members are involved with a wide variety of initiatives related to the RN orientation. To learn about the projects below click on the “read more” link for the item.

Marcelo Gleiser

Marcelo Gleiser is a theoretical physicist and  public intellectual at Dartmouth College working on basic research ranging from cosmology and applications of information theory to complex phenomena to history and philosophy of science and how science and culture...

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Religious Naturalist Songbook Committee

  Songs are both stories and art. Music is a powerful element  in traditional religious observances, found in every faith tradition, from the songs and dances of indigenous peoples to Sufi and Hindu chants and the hymns of modern Christians. Shared music unites...

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Geoff Crocker

Geoff’s Atheist Spirituality website is described as “A forum for exploration of the meaning of spirituality for atheists”. It includes book reviews and blog postings that examine virtues, vices, and a range of topics. It also includes a link to a free download...

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Cortney Cameron

Cortney Cameron is a hydrogeologist. She’s originally from North Carolina, near the Blue Ridge Mountains, and is attracted to religious naturalism as a named philosophy that describes a non-theistic, non-supernatural but nevertheless deep spiritual connection to...

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The Appalacians

  When o’er the earth I see them rise,By meters, bluegreen, through the skies,With their flanks, my spirits climbBy ten million years at a time—Back to the churning of great continents,Which joining, birthed—the earth was bent—These gentle gods, which wrinkled,...

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Ann Miller

Ann Miller is author of The Creative Learning series and other books designed toenhance personal, social, political and spiritual development. Titles include: The Creative Lifelong Learning Formula: Building Global Partnerships for a Sustainable WorldChoosing More...

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Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

Among the many resources and links that Michael and Connie provide, featured items at The Great Story website include:“Standing for the Future” (3 videotaped live, multimedia presentations for individual study and/or group discussion),Deep Sustainability audios, and a...

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Alix Robin

Alix Robin describes herself as a religious naturalist and soon to be an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, and also an artist, writer, and mother. She has created Campfire Ministry a simple form of small groupministry that involves a dark room with either a...

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Rua Lupa

Rua Lupa, from Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada, discovered online, and shared information on a tradition/philosophy they formed, called Ehoah, that is based on The Three Basic Tenets described in this graphic. This is described at the Ehoah website and at a...

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