Ed Gibney is a writer, philosopher, and co-founder of the Evolutionary Philosophy Circle (EPC). The EPC is one of several groups that are operating within ProSocial World (PW), which is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2020 by distinguished scientists David Sloan Wilson and Paul Atkins. PW’s stated purpose is to “consciously evolve a world that works for all.”


The EPC has over 50 members, comprised of professional and amateur philosophers who are interested in exploring how evolution affects all of the major branches of philosophy. The EPC believes that when all of these elements are considered together, the previously siloed information from this “archipelago of knowledge” can combine to inform a powerful and motivating worldview. And since any community acting together to preserve something sacred can be considered a secular religion, the EPC would like to invite anyone from the Religious Naturalist Association to join in.


Anyone can participate in the Evolutionary Philosophy Circle. We have been inspired in our design by the Vienna Circle, which included academic and non-academic philosophers, as well as scientists and thinkers from a variety of other disciplines. They included teachers as well as students. They met regularly to discuss important papers and ideas. Some members wrote a manifesto for the group. They organized conferences. They started a peer-reviewed journal. And numerous influential books were produced in their intellectual environment. Now, with advances in technology, we aspire to do all this and more, drawing from a worldwide audience of interested participants. All those who are eager to learn about and apply “this view of life” are welcome.


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