What does it mean to be ‘spiritual’?

Anastasia Somerville-Wong

When discussing religious naturalism, a question is often raised about what is meant by being “spiritual” or “religious” – as a naturalist, and apart from alignment with a traditional religion.

One perspective on this was discussed by Anastasia Somerville-Wong in a March, 2022 posting at the Secular Liturgies blog, which looked at spirituality in terms of connection, and how this can apply to varied aspects of life. The full posting can be seen at this link.

“Your spirituality is your ability to connect with the things that give life meaning, purpose and joy.”

Anastasia Somerville-Wong is a Spiritual Care Specialist, and also the first Humanist Chaplain to join the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Teams at the University of Exeter, in England. She founded the Secular Liturgies Network in 2018, and is founding editor of the Secular Liturgies blog.