The Brush Dances and the Light Sings

by John Palka and Yvonne Palka

John and Yvonne Palka were biology professors in Seattle until their retirement in the early 2000’s, and they devoted their non-academic lives to artistic encounters with the natural world, John using a camera and Yvonne the inks of Asian brush painting (sumi-e). When Yvonne was killed in a traffic accident in 2017, John created this book as a memorial to their 60 years of co-creativity, pairing his photographs with her drawings in a stunning and deeply moving collection of beauty. It’s the kind of book to put in your backpack when you go camping, or give to the lovers of Nature in your life. Each page turn yields a new spiritual experience of reverence and serenity. The image quality and layout are outstanding, and the minimalist text provides context and guidance in poetic language. Magnificent!

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