Creating a Video About the Religious Naturalist Orientation

– Getting Started –

Really, it’s not that hard.

Thanks for being willing to help RNA reach out to the world!

RN related videos are pretty scarce at this point in time so thank you for helping us build a library of relevant videos for use in our upcoming social media campaigns.

What we are looking for is a video that lifts up a benefit you have experienced in adopting the religious naturalist orientation. 

You may want to write down what you will say beforehand or you may want to speak off the cuff. It’s up to you. If you do want to compose your words before recording your video it might be best to memorize them rather than read them on camera.

This video by JD Stillwater demonstrates some key points about making a video suitable for posting on social media sites. 

1. No fancy equipment is necessary. All you need is a smart phone

2. Talk about something interesting and meaningful to your audience

3. Keep it short, under 2 minutes

4. Use good lighting

5. Use phone in portrait (vertical) position (preferred by some social media sites)


Before you start filming take a moment to make sure your camera is set to record video at 1080p at 30 fps. On an iPhone open the Setting app, scroll down to Camera. Tap on Camera to see the current Record Video setting. If necessary tap on it to change it to 1080p at 30 fps. This setting will record good quality video while keeping the file size of the recorded video reasonable.

The process for filming a video is actually quite simple.

  • Switch the camera pointing direction so that the camera is facing you rather that away from you.
  • Switch from Photo to Video mode.
  • Prop your phone up so that it faces you
  • Press the start button to begin recording
  • Record what you want to record
  • Press the stop button to stop recording.
  • Play it back to see how it sounds and looks

Once you have created your video you can

a. email it to

b. upload it to various social media sites yourself*

c. upload it on our website at

*Create or login to an account on the site then look for and click an Upload link or button (or another method the site uses for posting content).