May 2022

As an extension of something that’s been done in the past, this newsletter takes a step toward what can potentially become a type of Religious Naturalist magazine. One point of reference in this is alumni magazines, which, for college communities, describe interesting things that professors, students, and alumni have been doing. Since RNA members, also, are doing a lot of interesting things, an assembly of short samples can give an introduction to what some of our members have been creating, working toward, and responding to.

Items listed below can be seen via web links. These show some members’ projects, advisors’ projects, and responses to current events, plus paintings, photography, music, and a recent member’s description of “what makes RN appealing to me”.

The formats for this will evolve over time, and the collection of pieces here-included shows just a small part of what is being done by RNA members. So, I’ll encourage anyone who has a personal or social action project, or who writes, paints, photographs, travels, or practices in ways that are related to religious naturalism and RNA – to let us know what you’re thinking about and doing; and, in future newsletters, and also at the RNA website, collections of these and related contributions can be shared.

Todd Macalister


Religious Naturalist






Religious Naturalist Open Forum

What makes religious naturalism appealing to me

By Riccardo Cravero


Members’ projects

What does it mean to be spiritual?

By Anastasia Somerville-Wong


Advisors’ projects

Surfing, Nature, and Spirituality

By Bron Taylor 


Perspectives on current events

Thoughts on “Reeducating Ourselves”

By Dennis McCarty 


Love the Hell Out of This World: 

A Further Lesson to be Learnt from the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

By Andrew Brown


Abortion rights

Excerpts from a RNAnet conversation – May, 2022




From Wendy Wells



From RNA Facebook, Photo Ark, and NASA astronomy Picture of the Day



Selections from the RNA Music Group

Rite of the Spring (Introduction), Igor Stravinsky 

Southland in the Spring, Indigo Girls

Turn the World Around, Harry Belafonte (tribute)

The Lusty Month of May, from the film, Camelot