Thank you so much for your feedback last month in sharing your thoughts about how we should spend the money available to spend this year. We’re “back to the drawing board” because of your many good ideas, and hopefully we’ll be able to craft a recommendation to the Board of Directors, which meets this summer. We’ll keep you posted in these Newsletters.

This month, instead of describing recent news, we’d like to tell you about a non-monetary project we are excited about, one that will call on your creative minds even further. We’ve talked for many months about generating “Top Ten” lists, from a religious naturalist perspective, to post on our website, but we agreed that we ought to wait until we have a larger group of religious naturalists to give the feedback the project needs. Now with 321 members in 18 countries and 44 US states and territories, we think it is time to take the next step.

Part of what we have in mind will be to add to resources that are shared at the website. Another part can be an interesting personal activity – to identify pieces of writing, works of art, types of activities, and inspirational people that you feel are meaningful to your exploration of religious naturalism.

We’re thinking of 7 inaugural “Top Ten” categories, each from the viewpoint of a religious naturalist:

1. Books
2. Poems
3. Videos
4. Nature experiences
5. Art pieces
6. Song lyrics
7. Religious naturalists (deceased persons only).

So, if you’re willing to share your ideas, please take some time to think about pieces in these categories that you think may be worth mentioning to others, and send us your lists – with as many items and in as many categories as you’d like –

The top selections will be posted on the website in a section called “The RNA Top Ten Lists.”

Ursula Goodenough, President

Religious Naturalist Association