This month marks the first anniversary of the establishment of RNA. It’s been an interesting, enjoyable, and successful first year.

As is specified in the group’s bylaws, a Board of Directors meeting was held a few days ago. As part of this, we reviewed what has happened during the year. Some highlights include:

329 current members, from 44 states and 20 countries

The RN Facebook group as an active communications venue

Enhancements and expansion of websites

Outreach to some groups with compatible interests

RN-related projects by many members

We also shared ideas on how we might continue and grow.

As we continue to try to provide information and resources, we’ll point to:

Donald Crosby as the new featured author at , with links to books and articles in which he discusses nature as a focus of religious orientation, with explorations of symbolism, moral obligations, and other topics.

A paper by Karl Peters, “ Wisdom in Ancient and Contemporary Naturalism ”, presented at the “Seizing an Alternative: Towards an Ecological Civilization” conference in Claremont, California in June.

A look at scientifically informed mindful attention to the natural world as something that (as is discussed in a paper contributed by RNA member, Michael Barrett ), may be a central part of what some people do as religious naturalists.

Online posting, by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd posting of the full 7-part series of video interview with Loyal Rue (discussing his the books and ideas).

These give lots of good food for thought.

We have become a thoughtful, curious, and creative group, and we look forward to continuing to share ideas and being supported on this path by one another.

Todd Macalister, Director of Communications

Religious Naturalist Association