Religious Attitudes

Religion is not mainly about about beliefs. Instead, it is a way of being, with attitudes that shape what we see. These can include appreciation and compassion and, in the words of William James, a sense that “great and wondrous things are in the air”.

To be and to see oneself as religious can be less drab than a view that just focuses on the facts. With a sense of magic in the world, we can see our planet as a place that, unlike most of the cosmos, is colorful and teeming with life, and where creatures such as ourselves can see beauty and love and ponder the wonder of it all. We can plant a seed and watch it become a flower. We can sing and dance and build a house and fill it with art.

Many things in the world are clearly less than beautiful or ideal. With religious attitude,
we can work toward improvements in ourselves and in our world, and also try to accept and
appreciate things as they are. are.

Attitudes that religious naturalists may consider or embrace include: