Related Groups

RNA is an association of persons who are exploring a religious naturalist orientation writ large. Some members also participate in nature-based associations/communities that focus on particular facets of that orientation, many of which don’t use the word religious. 

Our shared premise is that we take nature to heart.


These groups are described briefly below. We encourage you to click on the links of those that speak to your interests/affinities and consider joining them. Please also let us know of groups that we have missed. 

Atheopaganism An Earth-honoring religious path rooted in science, a supernatural-free tradition of seasonal celebrations and observances, ritual and meditation, and other meaningful practices.

Center for Wild Spirituality is a hub for those stepping into to the large story of interconnected relationship with the sacred in all things. While rooted in the mystical Christ tradition, the vision for the Center for Wild Spirituality is a larger circle that includes and also transcends those who are rooted in the Christian story.

Creation Spirituality Communities is a network of individuals and communities who experience our own spiritual paths in connection to the evolving paradigms of the universe. Through study, community, and practice, CSC creates opportunities to deepen our compassion, justice, creativity, and vision for cultural transformation so that we all might experience our sacred connection to the Spirituality of Creation. The Four Paths of Creation Spirituality is a spiritual practice which invites us to consciously take part in the cycle of life.

Deep Transformation Network An online community for people who recognize that our civilization is in existential crisis and who want to engage with others in facilitating a deep transformation toward a life-affirming future on a regenerated Earth. A sub-group focuses on the religious naturalist orientation. 

Deeptime Network A focus on the meanings of the Universe Story, as presented here, and on developing avenues to bring this story both to the classroom and to the general public via a series of seminars and on-line discussion. Strong orientation in the teachings of Maria Montessori and Thomas Berry.

Gaianism The Gaian Way stems from the understanding that the Earth is a living system, a holobiont on a planetary-scale that we are part of and utterly depend on. It draws not on magic or mysticism but on science. It lifts up our spiritual power in knowing that we are part of this being, that it nurtures and sustains us, and gives our lives meaning.

GreenSpirit is a network of people who practice loving our living planet. We stand in awe and wonder of our precious home. Our holistic vision brings together the rigour of science, the creativity of artistic expression and the wisdom of spiritual traditions. We share and celebrate our inner and outer life together locally and nationally. We welcome all who seek a shift in consciousness towards a loving connection with the Earth and all life.

Naturalistic Paganism Naturalistic Paganism speaks to those who are uncomfortable with the supernatural or metaphysical elements of contemporary Paganism. It is often described as a religion of immanence, in contrast to religions of transcendence, as manifest by the concept of a pantheistic Goddess, the seasonal Wheel of the Year, and a pro-body ethic. Naturalistic Pagans share a love of the myth and ritual of Paganism, but not what we see as its irrational credulity and superstition.

Novasutras The Novasutras ecospiritual movement helps us become interconnected with the more-than-human world through reverence, joy, generosity, gratitude, and loving-kindness. We come together both online and in person to share information, act for change, support wellness practices, and cultivate beloved community.

Oika To restore earthly flourishing, we must rediscover and re-inhabit what it means to be Earthlings. For this, Oika looks to the two great hallmarks of human endeavor; science and art. We call on science to discover and decipher nature, and art to help us heal and feel the nature within us.

Spiritual Naturalist Society Spiritual Naturalism sees the universe as one natural and sacred whole as revealed by science. Its focus is on finding contentment and relief from suffering via continued learning, contemplative practices, and character development.

Unitarian Religious Naturalists A community that has been inactive but is currently initiating self-restoration, with a focus on introducing the RN orientation to Unitarian Universalists.

Universal Pantheist Society A community of pantheists who derive their fundamental religious experience through their personal relationship with the Universe. They feel that Nature is the ultimate context for human existence, and seek to improve their relationship with the natural world as their fundamental religious responsibility.

The Wild Church Network: Returning to Nature as Spiritual Practice encourages and supports people who feel the call to create a spiritual community that reconnects us to the rest of the alive and sacred world.

The World Pantheist Movement embraces a strongly naturalistic and scientific pantheism, without belief in supernatural gods or powers. We see the Universe as our Ultimate Power, connecting everything, inspiring awe, curiosity, and wonder. On Earth, Nature offers us beauty and solace, calling for committed action to reduce humanity’s disastrous impact and develop sustainable ways of life. We promote animal and human rights and facilitate social networking among friends and members.


Forum on Religion and Ecology

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology An exploration of religious worldviews, texts, and ethics that can contribute to environmental solutions along with science, policy, law, economics, and appropriate technology. Offers courses and videos on the religion/ecology interface. Lifts up eco-minded activities within present-day traditions.