RNA Open Forum

This page serves as an open forum, with a range of views from religious naturalists. Each gives individual thoughts on what religious naturalism is, or what it means, or how it can be practiced, discussed, considered, or enjoyed.


Creativity by Eugene Troxell The major reason I regard the cosmos as worthy of human reverence is because it contains or exhibits characteristics that I used to associate with God when I was a traditional Christian Theist.  Those characteristics are creativity and...

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My Ten Principles of Religious Naturalism

My Ten Principles of Religious Naturalism by V.V. Raman 1. To regard the variety and range of the world around as manifestations of Nature and her laws: This to me is the philosophical perspective of Religious Naturalism. 2. Not just to observe and explain, but to...

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The Adjective “religious” in Religious Naturalism

The Adjective “religious” in Religious Naturalism by Michael Cavanaugh My personal emphasis is on the noun Naturalism. My particular orientation within Religious Naturalism is best labeled – plain vanilla naturalism. It does not use god-language to express the...

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An RN Invocation

An RN Invocation by V.V. Raman We pay homage to the wonder and splendor of Nature whose inexorable laws sustain the universe, from the minutest to the most magnificent. We pay homage to Nature whose magic of chemistry gave rise to the first palpitations of life on...

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