Karl Peters – Books

Dancing with the Sacred: Evolution, Ecology, and God

Although the title of his book seems to suggest otherwise, it is the dance itself that is sacred in the naturalistic theism that Peters develops: the sacred isn’t a dance partner; the sacred is the dance of life. Readers unfamiliar with naturalistic theism will find Peters’ accessible style a good medium for becoming acquainted with it, particularly if they are interested in ways of thinking about the sacred that don’t require personal images of God. Many may also find Peters’ treatment of Darwin and evolutionary psychology helpful for thinking about relationships between religion and science. In developing his image of the sacred dance, Peters briefly introduces the thought of American philosopher C. S. Peirce and pursues process thought and Taoism at greater length. An excellent popular work on its subject, suitable to a broad range of readers.



Spiritual Transformations: Science, Religion, and Human Becoming

In our contemporary evolutionary worldview, the universe is in a continuous creative transformation. What is true of the universe is also true of human life, says eminent theologian Karl Peters, as he explores the many forms of spiritual transformations – from predictable passages experienced with age, to the unexpected passages we are required to make, to religious conversion, to calamity and even death. All of our personal transformations, Peters claims, have a spiritual dimension and take place within a cosmic context.  Through story and analysis, Spiritual Transformations draws out how these experiences bring us into our sacred center, bring about wholeness, release us from self-preoccupation, and relate us in new ways to others, the earth, and the cosmos itself.