An RN Invocation

by V.V. Raman

We pay homage to the wonder and splendor of Nature whose inexorable laws sustain the universe, from the minutest to the most magnificent.

We pay homage to Nature whose magic of chemistry gave rise to the first palpitations of life on this our planet, and continues to foster life on the planet.

We pay homage to Nature whose creative evolution resulted in the countless species of plants and animals, of microorganisms and insects that thrive on land, water, and air.

We pay homage to Nature under whose evolutionary urges we humans have come to be, with intelligence and emotions, with capacities for love and compassion, reasoning and exploration.

It is in this expression of gratitude to Nature that we join hands as Religious Naturalists, acknowledging the insights of science, the aesthetic creations of art and music, and the framework of working together as members of the  large human  family.

We take seriously the moral responsibility that is ours to strive for peace and understanding among the peoples in a spirit of mutual care and respect.