About RNA1

The Religious Naturalist Association (RNA) is a non-profit corporation formed in the summer of 2014 to create a worldwide “home” for those of us who self-identify as religious naturalists.

Our stated purpose is to “encourage the development and spread the awareness” of the religious naturalist orientation.

Members of the RNA Board of Directors are found here , and members of our Board of Advisors are found here , where clicking on their names will lead you to their biographical profiles.

RNA members may participate in a variety of ways — assisting in, drawing from, or simply registering their support for this endeavor.

One of our goals is to provide information and ideas about topics that relate to religious naturalism. This website gives an introduction to the RNA and includes essays and links to books, video presentations, and art that pertain to nature, human nature, mind, culture, and religious naturalism. Our sister website is engaged in developing a version of religious naturalism. These resources will, we trust, be broadened and enriched by input from members.

We also hope in the future to establish a forum for developing ideas and connecting with others who have related interests.

To learn more about what being a religious naturalist entails, you can start by browsing these websites, including brief essays and personal statements and Varieties of Religions Naturalism.


And when you know you ARE a religious naturalist, it is time to think about becoming an RNA member. Go to the Join RNA page to learn how this works.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions related to RNA, send us a note at:


RNA Board of Directors
Ursula Goodenough, President
Michael Cavanaugh, Secretary/Treasurer
Todd Macalister, Director of Communications
Marilyn Brien
Joan Hunter-Brody
Ted Laurenson
Bill Stone
Eugene Troxell