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Readings for Life Events (see Todd’s response to you…so this would include readings for weddings, funerals/memorials, child-naming, coming-of-age, and more.)

Sermon Samples (including videos, such as we have from J. D. Stillwater and also others…basically, “this is how one person approached it, just to give you ideas of your own” and/or sermon-samples that might be given to a discussion or dialogue group to watch and then discuss…wondering also if “sermon” is too restrictively a Christian term)

Teaching Tales (or short parables, if you will, for all ages and for children…for children, things that could be read or presented in a worship service of their own or before they are dismissed (liberated?) to go to their religious ed classes…for adults, things that could become part of a sermon or a focused discussion. Ideally these will be parable-short and thought-provocative bits)

General Strategies (how to introduce or simply to include a religious naturalist perspective even if the religious group is not predominantly religious naturalist…we’ll be soliciting from people: “what have you done that has worked?” Gradually, I think we might work to relate our collected materials to the traditional stories and rituals of churches, synagogues, and sanghas in ways such as Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow have begun to do with some Christian rituals.)

Meditations and Prayers (we already have permission from some key members to use guided meditations they have put into their books…not prayers in a narrow sense, as “to a supernatural being,” but in a broad and metaphorical sense; there actually are some)

Explorations & Activities (for both children’s groups and adults, curricula that exist or just ideas that might be turned into curricula or activity plans–nature walks and reflections; planned use of planetariums, museums, and parks; camping trips; etc.)

Resources (this might just be directing people to the resources already part of the RNA site; books like those of Ursula, Nancy, Chet Raymo, Michael & Connie, good popularized science books, etc.)

Quotable Quotes (pithy remarks, exchanges, and sayings that can inform worship, religious education at all levels, and general conversation as well)