Greetings and best wishes to all, as we cope with restrictions and loss in this time of COVID-19. It’s hard to predict what types of changes will follow, but several recent articles and blog postings have discussed perspectives that give hope for some positive outcomes in prompting greater respect for the central roles of nature in our lives and greater recognition of interdependence and benefits of balance among many varied forms of life.

As I was introduced to these views through postings at RNAnet and RNAfacebook, and as being less busy gave more time to read, reflect, and explore related themes, I had the thought to assemble some of these resources — providing something like a Religious Naturalist-oriented online magazine — with links to art and ideas.

So, a sampling is provided below, with a collection of poetry, music, art, essays and reflections – including discussion of wildflowers, John Muir, new perspectives, distant planets, and sounds of a virtual children’s chorus, Mary Oliver reading “Wild Geese”, and other pieces created or pointed to by RNA members.

On a separate and semi-related thing, after being flattered by the positive review Ursula gave last month for my new book, Looking to Nature, l was happy to see that a number of you had made use of the publisher’s short-term offer of free review copies for RNA members. This is still available, and anyone who’d like an electronic copy can download one from this site. If you read the book and know others who might be interested, it’d be great if you could let them know. Or, for those who have opinions that you think potential readers may appreciate, a rating or brief comment/review could be posted at Amazon or other venues, such as GoodReads.

With all of this, there’s lots of food for thought and many roses to be enjoyed – at a time when we may have time to take a look. Here’s hoping for health, patience, projects, and peace of mind as we continue to move through these strange days.

Todd Macalister


Art and Ideas:  A Religious Naturalist Collection

 Articles, Essays, Ideas

 Carol Wayne White. “Disruptions, Ruptures, Reformulations: The Coronavirus Pandemic, Religious Naturalism, and Aesthetic-Ethical Ideals”

“With the pandemic heightening our awareness of just how fragile life is, and how interconnected we all really are, perhaps more people can begin to see and experience our current vulnerabilities, limitations, and challenges in a new light”

 Chris Highland. “Scratching Around a Corner of the Earth”

      John Muir, natural temples, and spiritual insights

 Terry Findlay. “Two Paths Forward from COVID-19”

“ . . . rather than bouncing back from COVID-19 we should bounce forward . . . in ways that will allow us to address our global issues successfully”

 Steve Jones. “Covid-19 Escape Hike: Wildflower Lift”

“Each venture into Nature opens my eyes ever more keenly to discovering her secrets”

 Sophie Hirsh. “Coronavirus Pandemic Has Inspired 64 Percent of Americans to Live More Sustainably”


 Rise Up. Virtual Chorus (Boston Children’s Chorus, in collaboration with other choruses)

 A Religious Naturalist Songbook

Assembled by Mark Iredell, with links to video and audio recordings and lyrics for music relevant to RN, including songs that might be sung at group gatherings  (The current list gives a start, which will be added to and fine-tuned. If anyone has recommendations for additional songs to include, let us know with an e-mail reply.)

 Visual arts

 Jane Penfield. Paintings on natural, lived, and built environments

 Jupiter photographed by NASA’s Juno spacecraft


 “Pandemic”, by Lynn Ungar, with video media

 “Wild Geese”, read by Mary Oliver