Dearest RNA-ers,

In his March newsletter, Todd lifts up the publication of The Routledge Handbook of Religious Naturalism (2018) with many chapters written by RNA members. The book has a hefty price tag, unfortunately, but it’s a milestone in the coming-of-age saga of our orientation, and a most worthy addition to your library if you have the means to purchase it. It may also be available at your local library. The Kindle version is more reasonable.

Michael, Todd and I contributed a chapter to the book on the topic of RNA, entitled “Bringing Religious Naturalists Together Online,” and this is now available, in a somewhat amended version to navigate copyright issues, as a free pdf download* here

In the chapter, we lift up the basics of RNA, compare it with other on-line offerings and brick-and-mortar institutions, and discuss the drawbacks and advantages of an internet presence. It’s only 10 double-spaced pages in large font, and it’s about all of us!

It would be hugely meaningful if you were to download and read it and then offer us any comments that might occur to you. (These can be sent to The text represents a summary of what we’ve done thus far. Your suggestions as to where we might go from here are, needless to say, of deep interest to us.
With hosannas for the eagerness of spring in our northern hemisphere and the maturity of autumn in the southern, and love to you all —


Ursula Goodenough
President, Religious Naturalist Association

*Download instructions: When you click on this URL, a page comes up with a blue box called DOWNLOAD. Click on this box and the chapter appears. To move it into your computer, glide your cursor over the screen next to the author list and a black box will magically appear. Click on the icon with the downward arrow and Presto! Into your computer it goes!