Hello RNA friends —


Our primary venue for attracting new RNA members is our website, and we’ve just re-vamped the text of our home page https://religious-naturalist-association.org. Since this page largely determines whether an explorer elects to stay, and perhaps join, or move on, we’d deeply appreciate any feedback that might occur to you. 


We hope that some of you will be able to help out with two remaining upgrades. 


The two current home-page images are basically internet downloads, and we’d love to replace them with photographs or paintings of nature from our members, much as the current photograph on our Facebook site comes from member Jane Page. Please send your favorites to Todd Macalister RNAcomments@gmail.com. If we receive lots of must-use contributions, we’ll rotate them every few months. 


We’d love to end the Welcome message with a poem that speaks to the RN orientation in some way. Our more extensive “Who is a Religious Naturalist?” page https://religious-naturalist-association.org/what-is-religious-naturalism/ concludes with the classic Wild Geese poem by Mary Oliver, and it would be great to have a second poem at the end of the Home Page. A poem by an RNA member would be wonderful, but this could also be from a poet who speaks to things you appreciate as you explore. Again, please send submissions to RNAcomments@gmail.com.


Over at RNAnet (our googlegroup listserv), member C. Emerson Talmage has just initiated a discussion of my book, The Sacred Depths of Nature, and already the conversation has been rich and deep. Should you wish to join us, with the options to comment and/or lurk, and are not yet signed up for the group, this can be done via a request to Michael at RNAsecretary@aol.com. He’ll give you the option of receiving postings in your email folder or having access to postings on the RNAnet site, where you can read them in your own time frame.
It’s proving to be the case that postings on our Facebook site have attenuated during the past month. We suspect that this is at least partly due to the active engagement on RNAnet, which is far more conducive to extended conversation than the Facebook sound-bite format. That said, Facebook is ideal for posting links to interesting websites, and we encourage all of you to make that a habit: if you come upon something of RN relevance as you surf, please think to copy and paste the link to our Facebook site.  Once again, if you aren’t signed up, contact Michael at RNAsecretary@aol.com.  


With very warm regards to you all.  


Ursula Goodenough
President, Religious Naturalist Association