RNA Newsletter

March, 2021


In last month’s newsletter, Ursula explained that a RNA committee had prepared a document with suggestions for ways of 1) helping more people learn about the RN orientation and 2) offering more to RNA members. This document was recently approved by our Board of Directors. 


As a start to what may be added or enhanced, the visual look of the Religious Naturalism website was re-designed by Terry Findlay, and the Home page now introduces and briefly describes some Key Concepts, which can be seen by scrolling down on the website. I encourage you all to take a look, and also to explore further to pages that can be accessed via the top-of-page menu. Like the RNA website, this site will continually be expanded and improved, and feedback and suggestions will be welcomed.

The February newsletter also included questions about types of Zoom-style offerings RNA members might be interested in. We received a good number of responses, and the top option was #2: “Presentations, with discussion, on RN-related topics”, so we’ll look for ways to provide some of these in the not-too-distant future. Also included among comments was the supportive statement, that “I do favor outreach efforts in general and still believe that the RNA world-view has enormous potential to help with natural-environment and societal problems.”

To add a few more activities by RNA members:

A paper by John Calvin Chatlos was recently published in Zygon open access. The title is “A Framework of Spirituality for the Future of Naturalism”, which looks at spirituality as innate but often not recognized, and qualities that can contribute. The paper concludes by suggesting that “it is the future of naturalism to join with all religions and secular institutions to work together for the five Rs” to:

reform what is not consistent with reality and knowledge, 

replace what is not working for human worth and dignity,

reject what is harmful for human worth and dignity,

rejuvenate life for all with a faith firmly grounded in science . . .; and

rejoice in the history, traditions, beauty, grace, and power from all religious traditions . . .

The full paper can be seen at this link.

Also, a small group has been working to try to expand and improve what’s been started at the Music page at the RNA website, and assemble a collection of tunes (or, other types of music) that reflect themes or moods that are closely related to RN, or that may be more general but related. One such song, Blue Boat Home by Peter Mayer (with video images provided by JD Stillwater), can be heard via this link, and other music selections will be shared in in future newsletters. If anyone has suggestions for additional songs or recordings, send them on.

Todd Macalister