Dear Members of Religious Naturalist Association,

RNA membership has continued to grow. And, with this, we’ve added to the descriptions of Members’ Projects, including books on Muir, Emerson, Thoreau and others by Chris Highland, natural preservation work by Carl Axelsen, websites by Geoff Crocker and Frank Jude Boccio, and (along with some other things) carving merry-go-round animals by Brent E. White.

The Facebook group has been very active. If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to check it out at If you’d like to join the group, you can click the “Join Group” button and, as soon as the request is processed, you can join in the conversation. Good questions are being asked and some interesting ideas are being given in response. And, as people have posted quotes and links to articles and websites, a lot of things worth exploring are being shared.

Along with the benefits of Facebook, we’re also hearing from members who don’t like that format, and are therefore launching (ta da!) a new forum at GoogleGroups, called RNAnet. If you prefer that platform for conversations, write an e-mail to Michael Cavanaugh ( and he’ll tell you how to join. You can of course be on both forums if you wish.

The News and Events page includes listings for a number of talks about religious naturalism, plus some events that focus on music or nature. At the sister website, the new Featured Author is Loyal Rue.

That’s it for now. As always, when you see things of interest or want to share ideas, continue to post these at Facebook or send us a note at

Ursula Goodenough, President

Religious Naturalist Association