March, 2017

After receiving some excellent suggestions in response to last month’s newsletter, we added listings for books and websites and re-organized some pages in the Resources area (Books, Videos, and Websites) at the website. Along with strengthening what the Resources pages present, this gave an occasion to re-examine and, again, enjoy some of the listings. So, with these fresh in mind, we’re providing links to a few items that we think might be of interest.
      On the Nature page, these include:
Short videos: 
Expanded listings for “Books for young readers”, including a YouTube reading of Grandmother Fish and RNA member JD Stillwater’s book, Before The Beginning: A Child’s First Book of the Great Story.
Welcome to the Anthropocene” (a 3-minute video) that gives an overview of part of the challenge, and links to websites for E.O. Wilson’s Biodiversity Foundationand The Ecologist website, which offer ideas for personal and social responses.
Chet Raymo’s blog, Science Musings. He’s no longer posting, but his archive (right-side column) is rich. A sampling can be seen at this link. 
The Resources listings will continue to be expanded and improved over time. We appreciate recommendations that have come so far, and look forward to suggestions that may come in the future – to help us provide information and ideas that can help people explore varied aspects of a religious naturalist orientation. 
For other news – as a follow-up to an item that was mentioned last month, RNA has become a Sponsor of the Summer Conference of The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS), which will occur from June 24 to July 1 on Star Island, New Hampshire. The sponsorship entitles RNA members to a 30% discount, reducing the normal conference rate of $325 to $225 (plus room + board). This year’s theme is “The ‘Wicked Problem’ of Climate Change: What is it doing to us and for us?” A description of conference themes and speakers can be seen at this link.
That’s it for now . . .
 Todd Macalister