Friends, Your officers are a tad late getting out the newsletter this month. Well, we don’t have an exact deadline, but one of us (Michael) likes to get it out on the 20th because that was Epicurus’s birthday, and he’s a fan of Epicurus (not in the decadent sense but in the philosophical sense). But Todd is on vacation, and he usually is the one to push Ursula and Michael along.

What is on our mind today is Facebook. When we started we thought we’d have forums on both Facebook and GoogleGroups, and indeed we do have both, but like the rest of the world, we have discovered that Facebook is where all the action is. So, however reluctantly (or more accurately, surprised), we’re more and more coming to see Facebook as our main forum. The postings there have been most interesting — not only the links, which are delightful, but also the substantive conversations. If you have thoughts that may get some conversation – even some disagreement – going, we encourage you to toss them out there and see what response you get. And if you’ve not yet signed up and wish to do so, contact Michael or

Another interesting thing about Facebook is that we get lots of requests to join from people who are not members of RNA. Since the Facebook page is for members only, we dutifully write to these people and urge them to go to the website and join the organization. Some do and some don’t, but we always remind them that if they heard about it from someone else (for example if one of you put it into your feed for all your friends to see), they should feel free to ask you more about it. Or of course they can write us to find out more. Perhaps this is all to say that you should be alert to friends who “like” what you post, and explain to them how to join RNA, and encourage them to do so.

There are other things happening here in the sprawling headquarters of the Religious Naturalist Association. But we continue to like the pace at which we are growing, and we especially applaud all you do to tell people about our community.

That’s the news for this month, unless Todd returns from vacation and has more to add, in which case we may send out a rare supplement.

With warm regards,

Ursula Goodenough, President

Religious Naturalist Association