RNA Newsletter – February 2021

Being an RNA member is inherently hassle-free – sign up, no dues, monthly newsletter – which was fully our intent when we launched in 2014. 

Nope, this is NOT a prelude for a dues announcement! We’ve been doing OK with donations and have no expenses at this stage. 

But it IS a request that you hit REPLY and give us a bit of input on the following. 

An ad-hoc Outreach Committee, under member Partap Khalsa’s leadership, has written a document with suggestions for ways to enhance outreach so that 1) more people learn of the RN orientation and 2) more is offered to RNA members. The document is now being looked at by our Board of Directors, and we’ll send once they approve.

Meanwhile, I’m requesting a few words from you about what you might find of interest in re on-line, Zoom-style, RNA offerings along the lines listed below.

If you doubt you’d participate in any of them – if only because you’re already Zoom-saturated – click reply and tell us this since that’s useful information.

If instead you might want to check out any, some, or all of the following, please click reply and let us know which. If there’s a clear preference, that’s where we’ll initiate our focus. In the future, we’ll send out instructions on how to join groups or sign up to receive notifications of events in synch with your interests. This is just a straw poll.

  1. Regional groups with ~ 1/month Zoom meetings and possible gatherings in wildlife areas.
  1. Presentations with discussion on RN-related topics.
  1. Moderated “exploration sessions” on the RNA orientation with new and seasoned members.
  1. Something else along these lines.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Love to all,

Ursula Goodenough

President, RNA