Hi Everybody –


Our chance for a first RNA meet-up! 


So far, seven of us RNAers are set to participate in the March for Science https://www.marchforscience.com in DC on April 22. If you plan to be in DC, marching or not, and would like to join us the evening before (Friday April 21) for a get-together, probably in Dupont Circle vicinity, please let Mark Iredell wellimback@verizon.net know and he’ll put you on the e-list. Also, if you’re not already committed to being with another group during the march itself, please consider joining me and the group from the American Society for Cell Biology; let me know if you’re interested goodenough@wustl.edu


Two other events to consider as well. 


Member Robert Corrington is hosting a conference on Ecstatic Naturalism (a version of RN http://afterxnature.blogspot.com/p/ecstatic-naturalism-guide.html), April 7-8, at Drew University near NYC, where I’ll be the keynote speaker. Todd went to the 2015 conference and speaks highly of it. The title: Suffering and Evil in Nature: Western and Asian perspectives.  Conference details are here https://www.drew.edu/theological-school/centers-special-programs/institute-for-ecstatic-naturalism/


Advisory Board member Karl Peters is co-chairing a conference sponsored by the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS), June 24 – July 1. The title: The “Wicked Problem” of Climate Change: What is it doing to us and for us? See http://www.iras.org/2017-conference.html for the conference statement and http://thewickedproblemofclimatechange.weebly.com for full information. The conference venue, Star Island, off the coast of New Hampshire, is a heavenly spot. Full children’s program as well. 


And lastly, a request. 


It’s been pointed out to us that if someone wants to learn more about an RN orientation and is directed to our “Varieties of Religious Naturalism” site https://religious-naturalist-association.org/varieties-of-religious-naturalism/, s/he would encounter a long list of titles and not know where to begin.


The request: 1) Click on the link and scroll through. 2) Send Todd RNAcomments@gmail.com the titles of books that you’ve read and found valuable; it can be one, two, or many. 3) We’ll compile these and then add to the top of the page a rank-ordered list of “Member’s Recommendations.” Should you have a favorite that’s not on the list, let us know! And if you’re moved to annotate your list with a few sentences about why a given book was meaningful to you, that’d be great.


Closing with a link to a favorite poem, Rock and Hawk, by Robinson Jeffers  https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/rock-and-hawk. “The massive mysticism of stone, which failure cannot cast down nor success make proud.” Whew!


My very best to you all –


President, Religious Naturalist Association