Greetings again to members of RNA:

Our plan is to send out a monthly email that we’ll call the RNA Newsletter.

It’s been a busy month. By word-of-mouth/email and in response to a posting at the NPR 13.7 Cosmos and Culture site we now have 212 members, 99 more since the November RNA memo. Welcome to you all! And please consider telling family and friends about us over the holidays.

We’ve received some excellent suggestions on RNA projects, both in response to the November RNA memo and in comments offered in member applications. Based on these, some items have already been added to our websites and some early work has started. Our modus will be to proceed with moderation, adding new (and perhaps more ambitious) initiatives after earlier (and less ambitious) ones are up and running. Here’s our first list:

  • Outreach (informing groups and individuals about RNA)
  • Internal communications (e.g. Facebook page and online discussion forum)
  • Enhanced offerings at websites
  • A Members’ Page where, on a voluntary basis, anyone can post information about their projects or interests, with links to additional websites. We’re looking at ways of doing this, but for an early sample, here’s a link to a page that describes what some of you have been up to.

If you’d like to volunteer to help on these or any other projects, please let us know
by sending a “Reply” to this email.

Here are links to some recent items at our sister website

(Note: If you click on Follow in the lower right of our two websites, you’ll be sent an email when new items are posted).

We’ve come up with a logo (below) that we hope you’ll like.

We send our warmest wishes for the holiday season. And here’s to a fine 2015 for us all and for all on this amazing planet.

Ursula Goodenough
Religious Naturalist Association