Hello dear people –

A short RNA Newsletter with focus on a particular topic: the opportunity for you to participate in the program of next summer’s June 27-July 4 IRAS conference on Naturalism.

A “call for papers” is posted here.  

Some of you will be resonant with (some of) the perspectives listed at the site and will hopefully be inspired to submit an abstract within this frame.

Others of you may want to share other perspectives, such as poetry, art, rituals, music, etc., that speak to your RN orientation. We’ve connected with the conference leaders, and they are eager to receive abstracts in these modalities as well.

Even if it’s the case that you aren’t yet sure you’ll be able to attend the conference, please submit your ideas; an offering can always be withdrawn at a later time. Registration doesn’t start until early in 2020.

The deadline for receiving abstracts is November 30. Yes, that’s soon, but hey — most of us put these things off until the last minute anyway!

Feel free to contact me (goodenough@wustl.edu) with any questions, and I’ll forward any that I can’t answer to the conference leadership.

And importantly, there is NO expectation that conferees generate presentations – most folks simply come to partake of the program and enjoy a week of conversation and immersion.

We are SO excited that this conference is happening and that we’ll be able to spend a week with you on this beautiful island.

Love to you all –


President, RNA