Hello RNA-ers —

New Website!

We are excited to invite you to click on https://religious-naturalist-association.org and explore our new website!

The content of the previous version has been largely retained, but it’s now in a more professional format, with better design and graphics.

Website history:

The first version was valiantly constructed by Todd Macalister, who had developed sufficient website-building skills to do the job but would be the first to tell you that he’s not a professional.

About a month ago, Terry Findlay from British Columbia and a professional web designer http://simtechwebdesign.com, joined RNA and most generously offered to give the site a face-lift at no charge.

Since then, Terry and I have been engaged in a most pleasurable back-and-forth, with frequent vetting from Todd and Michael, seeking images and layout and quotes that best reflect what we’re about and optimizing the accessibility of our resources. The final launch occurred on April 8.

Please join me in giving Terry your virtual thanks for his beautiful contribution to our organization, and please send the URL out to any friends/family/sites that you’ve not already contacted and who might have an interest in RNA.

Please keep sending your news items to RNAcomments@gmail.com so we can keep everyone up to date.

With warm regards,

Ursula Goodenough, President

Religious Naturalist Association