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        Terry and Friends, I’m enjoying learning how to use the forum and am finding it pretty intuitive.  I wanted to start a folder with all the introductions in it, and quickly discovered it already existed and I could easily put in a topic with my own introduction.  Cool.

        Like June, I was raised in a traditional religious household, and never had any real trauma over my change to non-theistic beliefs and eventually religious naturalism.  Probably that was because it happened after I got to college, and mostly even after I finished law school.  Reading caused it, as I got really interested in resolving the conflict between my anti-evolution culture and science.  I did this by reading three anti-evolution books and three pro-evolution books, but my background in evidence (both as a lawyer and a military judge) made me realize how flimsy the anti-evolution books were and how sound the pro-evolution books were.  I now say it was the anti-evolution books that persuaded me evolution was true.  And now my interest is mostly in the implications of evolution, in terms of worldview, in terms of morality, in terms of practice.  Thank you all.

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