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        I’ve been lurking in recent years on the old RNA forum, always grateful for the many RN perspectives, which I aspire to fruitfully appropriate in my own outlooks. They’re useful to me precisely because I believe that it is the book of nature that answers our questions regarding both what we can know & how we can know it as well as what we must do & how we should do it.

        Put differently, in my view, only when our epistemology & ethics are sufficiently naturalized can they reliably claim an ample normative impetus. Only the evidentiary standards of science can provide us justifications that will be the most broadly appealing, epistemically, & can gift us shared visions that will be the most compelling, morally.

        I am a long retired Chairman, President & CEO of Louisiana Bank, whose grad studies were focused on avian biology.

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          Hi Johnboy! Johnboy and I have had extensive e-conversations over the years, and he’s also a Louisiana friend of Michael Cavanaugh.

          That’s a wonderful statement along the RN morality axis. Would love to hear where you’re coming out these days on the spiritual axis.


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              Hi Johnboy!  Just wanted to give a shoutout.  I’m brand new to the forums and about to do my self-intro.  I was born in Louisiana and have such a love for the environment.  I’ve settled in Florida, largely as it reminds me so much of the wetlands of Louisiana and my youth.  I also noticed you studied avian biology.  I’m a wildlife artist and photographer and more recently have become seriously interested in birding.

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              John, Great to see your voice, and to know that you articulate the religious naturalism orientation not only as well as ever, but better than ever.  I’ve become friends lately with your niece Heidi, and she is definitely a class act.  No surprise there.  Michael

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