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    Posted for Tony Van der Mude:

    Here is a list of people I admire. All of them have a Wikipedia entry,
    Many are politicians. Some are New York Times opinion writers.

    Albert Einstein
    An inspiration in terms of both science and relgion

    Malcolm X
    The personal integrity to grow throughout his life

    Martin Luther King
    Inspiring Leader and speaker

    Jimmy Carter
    A political leader exemplifying the best of Chrisitanity.

    Desmond Tutu
    A moral leader

    Paul Hewson (Bono)
    Great musician who puts his music in service of humanity

    Abraham Lincoln
    I like his ability to work with different groups of people, inspiring ideas

    Paul Krugman
    Brilliant, honest enough to admit mistakes, politically where I am, good taste in music

    Dick Wittington
    Worked his way up from nothing, but was a decent chap and a good leader

    Norman Borlaug
    Great scientist, left the world a better place for his work

    Anthony Fauci
    A caring doctor, willing to listen

    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Idealistic, great thinker

    Barbara Jordan
    Brilliant, my idea of what a great politician should be. Would have had my vote for President.

    Mikhail Gorbachev
    Pantheist, an honest leader in a corrupt system.

    Nelson Mandela
    A political leader who was able to bring people together.

    John McCain
    Courageous and honest.

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan
    Brilliant and effective

    Thomas More
    A man of integrity, idealistic

    Billy Graham
    A good Christian, saved many souls by his preaching

    Barak Obama
    An effective president, given the fact that the opposing party was not in the mmod to compromise.

    Mitt Romney
    Principled when principle was required.

    Liz Cheney
    Principled when principle was required.

    David Brooks
    Thoughtful and caring, insightful

    Marina Ovsyannikova
    Courageous when it was required of her.

    Zeynep Tufekci
    Brialliant, really insightful

    Kwame Anthony Appiah
    Someone who can see the subtleties of ethical problems.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Someone who succeeded in a number of different ways.

    Richard Feynman
    My model of a great scientist.

    Francis Collins
    Someone who combines science and religion effectively.

    Khizr Khan
    A citizen who spoke truth to power.

    George Orwell
    Great writer, brilliant and insightful thinker.

    Louis Armstrong
    Great musician, decent and likeable

    C Everett Koop
    An honest doctor, who upheld the standards of his profession.

    C.S. Lewis
    Brilliant, insightful, inspiring

    Norman Rockwell
    Inspiring artist. Brought American ideals to life.

    David French
    A man of intergrity

    Peter Gabriel
    Great musiican, uses his art to make the world better.