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    A better metaphor is this: to create a true AGI would be like raising a child. You teach it how to understand and learn, you let it search for meaning in the world, you give it a sense of wonder and beauty and love and fear and anger.

    I don’t think meaning is something to be found by searching for it in the world. It is, instead,  something bestowed on things and events by living things that care about surviving. Meaning depends on valences ascribed to things and circumstances due to the pleasantness or unpleasantness of the physical sensations they provoke. For living things meaning, at its most fundamental level, is relative to the threat to or support for their existence. This meaning is an interpretation of circumstances made by an organism according to inherited instinctive valences or valences acquired through past experiences. The organism then experiences the outcome of the interpretation (supportive, threatening, or neutral) as physically felt sensations triggered by the interpretation.

    I wonder how all of this might be instantiated in programs. Can a program care about its survival (existence) if it is not alive to begin with?

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