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    I found a tiny swallow
    like a fallen angel
    lying in the dust
    there beside the road,
    hit by passing traffic;
    no one even knows…
    Kneeling in the sand,
    I held it in my hand,
    felt its dusky wings
    outstretched in my fingers;
    soft and supple feathers,
    elegant fine shoulders
    beautifully streamlined,
    made to cut the wind;
    blended form and function,
    evidence of wisdom.
    A rare and noble creature,
    so like a living flame;
    the spirit flies away,
    and yet the form remains,
    bearing still the impress
    of what it once expressed;
    the beauty and the passion
    which once wielded it.
    But even as I held it,
    somehow I knew that it
    could not be extinguished;
    that the flame burns on
    beneath some brighter Sun.