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    I pause now to consider
    how these shining waters
    reveal all things above, below,
    in the earth and in the sky,
    if any has the eye
    to read the secret alphabet
    which the wind describes:
    The intricate cross-hatchings
    of tiny wavelet-ripples
    pulsing toward the riverbank,
    equally reflected back
    to meet those coming in;
    fluid geometric rhythms,
    patterns without beginning
    or end…
    Shimmering infinities,
    rhythmic-clashing symmetries
    mirroring so faithfully
    the spirits of the sky.

    And I contemplate
    how each stone is speckled
    in shadow and light;
    how each one is like
    a separate painting,
    its own color-palette world.
    And I delight
    in the endless shades of green
    and yellow in the trees,
    the sheer variety,
    the multitude of leaves
    flashing over me:
    Yet, if any one of these
    you know of it.

    shadow upon shadow,
    light upon light,
    these interwoven, delicate
    miracles flashing
    in the sun and wind;
    these stones, these ripples,
    this Creation without end!