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    Thank you! Oh, I can totally relate to the feeling you are describing. The “There must be something!” . Some years ago I would get totally sucked and fully absorbed into a momentarily self inflicted state of euphoria of such absolute awe and admiration of the most simple things you could imagine, that I would start crying. Some of them I already told you but one of them was especially effective. The rustling of leaves in the pine trees high branches. It would immediately got me transported back to when I was a kid walking alone through the pine tree forest around by grandparents house, a very common landscape in Portugal’s countryside. I have a vivid memory of experiencing that incredible sensation as a kid, when the refreshing summer breeze brushed against my face, as I gazed upwards and allowed myself to be dazzled by the glaring sunlight beams flashing through the rustling leaves.
    It was (is) a very powerful feeling for me. For many years, I would be filled with a strong desire to find someone or something to express gratitude towards for such an incredible emotion.

    Then it hit me. Maybe it is not the Universe that is so beautiful that must have been created by a powerful and master architect of Splendor. It is Us that are adapted and optimized to find the universe beautiful and feel so connected to Nature. That’s what I mean about the information distilled over four billion years of biological evolution and natural selection. Consider this: if our ancestors possessed the inclination to find the Universe unappealing, they may not have been as driven to flourish and endure.