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    The major appeal that Religious Naturalism has for me is respect for nature and its’ unknown aspects. The farther science can look the more is seen. It now seems that at the most fundamental level the basic constituents are fuzzy things like forces, fields, functions, information, consciousness, etc. The boundaries of nature are obscure. Science and history indicates that they have continually expanded showing a pattern of increasing complexity. Life emerged with the purpose of existing and reproducing. Humans emerged with the purpose of facilitating existence and reproduction. Doing this requires knowledge about “cause & effect,” producing purpose & goal and pursuing produces meaning. For our ancient ancestors, life was tough and they formulated explanations and beliefs, some of which continue today but conflict with new information and experiences. So, the importance of all this is that human life today is quite vulnerable and we need to rethink dogmatic beliefs so that they are more believable and activities are more meaningful. Cooperation, helpfulness,& contribution would replace competition, aggression, & taking.