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    There also seemed to be a knee-jerk reaction adjacent to the idea of promoting an organization/book. Said advertisements may have skewed a vocal few into equating RNA more as a relig-ion as opposed to a relig-ious worldview. These reactions seemed to stem from other organizations who may have, inadvertently or not, exploited a collective lack of ecological and biological understanding to promote a book or product. The term “New Age” came up a few times. These attempted exploitations are common enough that many may not know what a genuine advertisement for community and understanding looks like. We probably don’t know how best to advertise that either.

    This is where an umbrella term could prove useful. We could promote the umbrella term first and foremost, which guides knee-jerk reactions away from these negative connotations as we are instead promoting a wide array of organizations and ideas. We then can share that RNA is an organization within this ecosystem that is dedicated to providing community and understanding to those with an “ecospiritual” worldview. The term Religious Naturalist may make more sense in this context.