Reply To: What is humility?


    Posted on behalf of vandermude

    Well, after thinking about it, I do feel that self-knowledge is a better term than humility. I don’t know much about Ben Shapiro, but in general self-knowledge is a good thing.

    What I don’t care about is the concept of humility in sense of being low. This is related to the idea of selflessness, which I don’t think is a good thing either. This is something that you express JD. You mention it as part of the feeling of awe. I know that a lot of people have this feeling of smallness, but personally I just don’t get it. It just feels weird to me.

    So I don’t have a better word than humility for the feeling of being small. But I can’t consider that a positive emotion – certainly not a virtue.

    I am surprised that most of the discussion about humility on the discussion group mostly applied to intellectual humility. Even I used humility in that sense.

    As to the notion of a “growth stance”, I enter into a conversation willing to be proven wrong not out of any sense of smallness, but out of a sense of intellectual honesty. This is better captured in the ancient Greek concept of “Know thyself”

    The metaphor that better captures this is not one of size and smallness, but of adventure and journey. There is so much I do not know. I am ignorant in so many ways. But like Calvin said to Hobbes in the last cartoon: “It’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy … Let’s go exploring”.