Reply To: What is humility?


    Uau! So many great views and perpectives. I don’t know even where to start!

    First let me thank vandermude for presenting Ayn Rand’s philosophy to me. I was completely oblivious to it. It’s a stupendous and rich worldview, apparently so different from the Western Christian perspective. Something which I’ve been searching for so long. Considering myself as a free thinker, I strive for well fundamented opposing views to mine. Very refreshing to know that I now have a lot to read and to learn.

    This also explains why I apparently got entagled in your words. Pride and Humility in Ayn Rand’s philosophy seem to have antagonistic meanings with the Western Christian tradition. From the little I read they seem to refer to different things.

    So, I think JD is absolutely right when asking about if the conversation is about words and concepts.

    A lot needs do be unpacked but just for starters, I would say from what I understood from the little I skimmed from Ayn Rand’s philosophy is that pride is the need to become happy in doing good things as opposed to humility that is the need  for self commiseration, that is, to always feel miserable no matter how you try to do good. In that view, it’s obvious that pride becomes a virtue and humility is bad. However… there is a lot I would like to say more about this perspective. I will postpone it to another time, otherwise I will never finish my response.

    For now, I think JD described it much better, on all accounts, and I feel also very within the view of Religious Naturalism, Thanks JD!