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    I don’t have a NYT subscription so I can’t read the articles, but I’ve found the language of RN to be very powerful. Specifically, the idea that we all have a central story and are deeply interconnected in a global society. A goal being to reframe these inherently political discussions with language that emphasizes the well-being, interconnectedness, and sustainability of all life.

    I agree that language alone will not bring about necessary social change by itself, but it has to be the first step. Without the right language, the capitalists running the world will go on believing we have infinite resources and that we can solve all of our issues if we just innovate a little harder and keep AI from taking control of the resources. They will use language to divide, abuse and enslave all life until they’ve used the last drop.

    I’ve spent countless nights of my young life scouring the internet for inspiration and answers to my sense of justice. The language of Religious Naturalism has given me a stronger will to act than any other I’ve come across. I feel a sense of duty to spread this language to inspire others to act and play their essential part in creating a more sustainable and just future.

    My generation is ready to take action. My generation is taking action one way or another. We have the urgency needed to bring about social change. The weight of the human race has been placed on our shoulders and we all feel it. The limits of our change will directly correlate with the limits of our language. We need the language to inspire, connect, and provide purpose, community, and responsibility.

    I have recently read a lot more about sex, gender and language as you talked about above. I came to learn about the Hirschfeld Clinic.

    This clinic contained a treasure trove of information and language that helped people understand sex and gender in a way like no other. It was the also one of the first and largest Nazi book burnings. All of that language was lost, and it has taken us 100 years to relearn and redevelop that language into our society, creating avenues to exploit and divide us again because so many lack the language to understand a different alternative. Hell, many European descendants like myself are just now beginning to reappreciate the language and ideas of the indigenous people we genocided centuries ago.

    We have got a treasure trove of this kind of language on our website, especially if you include our extensive library of resources like books, videos, other websites, etc. We need to spread our best language, learn from others, and adapt as much as possible before these ideas are lost to history once again.