Donald Crosby

150px-Crosby_DA-1Religious Naturalist Association Advisor

Donald Allen Crosby is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Colorado State University, since January 2009. Crosby’s interests focus on metaphysics, American pragmatism, philosophy of nature, existentialism, and philosophy of religion. He is a member of the Highlands Institute of American Religious and Philosophical Thought (HAIRPT) and has been a leader in the discussions on Religious Naturalism.

“Crosby argues that nature, rather than anything supernatural, deserves reverence and devotion. He sets forth a vision of life and the universe that is as hopeful as it is realistic.” — Nancy K. Frankenberry, editor of Radical Interpretation in Religion.
“I have seldom read a work that so deeply challenged me to rethink my views on the various topics this author interweaves into his argument. He is such a clear and compelling writer, providing rigorous yet easily readable arguments, that I would encourage any class in philosophy of religion, theology, or religious studies to include his text as required reading.” — Mary Doak, author of Reclaiming Narrative for Public Theology….
“Relying upon philosophers like Alfred North Whitehead and William James, he espouses a literal religion of nature: “we need not go any further than nature to probe the depths of our existence and the powers that sustain our being.” Seeing nature as metaphysically ultimate, he offers a systematic religious naturalism devoid of talk of God but that allows for prayer and spirituality focused on the intrinsic religious rightness of the universe itself.”